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  • COVID-19 – Impact on biodiversity conservation and ecotourism
    In the last several months, international travel has almost come to a grinding halt. Many airlines are grounded and facing the prospect of bankruptcy, while hotels and lodges aren’t economically viable without bookings. What does this mean for the future of ecotourism in Africa? According to figures by the World Economic Forum, tourism accounts for […]
  • COVID-19– sifting fact from fiction
    The world has changed, literally overnight. Despite ample warnings from epidemiologists, and other scientists, over many years, about facing a futuristic pandemic, very few of us have given these warnings much thought or attention. It is understandable – humans have a reactive predisposition to crisis rather than a proactive one in preventing it. Most of […]
  • Home recycling
    In April 2019 I travelled with my wife, daughter, and mother-in-law from Johannesburg to Umhlanga in KwaZulu-Natal. This trip was for an auspicious occasion. I was about to attend my graduation ceremony at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. It had been a few years since we were last in KwaZulu-Natal and the excitement in my daughter […]
  • Iconic African raptors uplisted to Endangered Status
    Press release issued by BirdLife South Africa Three of Africa’s most famous birds of prey, the Secretarybird Sagittarius serpentarius, Martial Eagle Polemaetus bellicosus and Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus, have been uplisted to globally Endangered on the IUCN Red List. While this news may come as a shock to many, it should also be a warning bell […]
  • Leaping conservation for frogs
    Frogs are essential environmental indicators, but many species have vanished across the globe. We spoke to Dr Jeanne Tarrant, Threatened Amphibian Programme Manager at the Endangered Wildlife Trust, about these endearing creatures, and Leap Day for Frogs – an annual campaign to bring awareness to frogs, their fascination, and their plight. Tell us about your […]
  • Miniature Dragons
    In the forests and kloofs of South Africa, there be miniature dragons. A slow, careful, forward gait with feet clasping thin twigs, and eyes scanning in two different directions, a small, drab little reptile suddenly freezes, its eyes now focused intently forward. The mouth opens slightly and within a split second, a long projectile tongue […]
  • Recent Publications & Reports
    The following reports provide a wealth of information on the status of biodiversity. They highlight key findings into the state of biodiversity and essential reading for conservationists and resource managers across the globe. These reports, if anything, should stimulate a global emergency response to tackle the serious state of ecosystem and biodiversity collapse and global […]