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Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood and Mental Health

Natural Ways towards gaining mental health and happiness

Dancing is as good for the brain as it is for your body. It naturally makes us happier, like taking a stroll along the beach. In many aspects, dancing offers similar therapeutic benefits to nature therapy. Dance is now used as a treatment aid for mental health patients. As an artform, pastime, or therapy, people […]

Global agreement on plastic pollution

Warren Schmidt Plastic is a serious global environmental concern. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Plastic production has soared from two million tonnes in 1950 to 348 million tonnes in 2017, with a global industry valued at US$522.6 billion. Plastic production is expected to double in capacity by 2040. Plastics harm human health […]

Marine Turtles

The vast ocean teams with life, from a spectacular diversity of fish through to crustaceans, molluscs, cephalopods, mammals, and the tiny plankton that sustain this marvellous diversity. Even reptiles call this marine oasis home, especially the marine turtles. Unfortunately, along with crashing fish stocks, critically endangered whales, dolphins, sharks and manatees, marine turtles are also […]

Coelacanth: Ancient denizens of the deep

On the eve of World War II, something unknown and peculiar stirred from the ocean depths. In a fortuitous moment in natural history, an ancient fish-like creature got itself entangled in a trawling net and hauled to the surface together with other fish and sharks.On Thursday morning, 22 December 1938, a fishing trawler named the […]

Special Interview with Daniela Luz of Luz Retreats, Algarve

beach yoga for stress anxiety burnout

Beach Yoga as a form of Eco-Therapy: calm, revive, reconnect Our last issue of B & E Africa looked at gardening for mental health and how to attract wildlife into your garden enhancing green spaces as richer —more biodiverse ecosystems —immediately right outside your back door. We were delighted to interview Daniela to help us […]